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The Internship Portfolio of Brian Donathan

The End

myfox_full_logo_1011I finished up my internship at Fox29/LNS by once again filling in for one of their employees who was on vacation.  I worked at the newsdesk as a production assistant.  I answered phones, fed video out to other Fox stations, and ran scripts.  Nothing out of the ordinary occurred, although the little protest being held by a young crowd near Independence Mall resulted in an over abundance of phone calls requesting coverage.  It was a bit annoying after the 50th call in 5 minutes.

The last two (extra) evenings were pretty uneventful.  I had a lot of time to reflect on the past couple of months — what I had learn, what I had experienced, etc.  I thought about my first interview with Eagles’ tackle Jon Runyan.  I could barely hold the microphone high enough to get quality sound from the towering football player.  I thought about the highs and lows of covering a fatal car crash and then a “date night” pottery wheel event, both on Valentine’s Day.  I thought about interviewing a young girl from a low income family who had just bought her prom dress for one dollar at a special dress sale at the Franklin Mills Mall.  The happiness her and her mother expressed still sticks with me.

I also think about how helpful everyone at Fox29 was throughout the internship.  George Roach was my partner in crime throughout most of my time with LNS.  The 15-year veteran photojournalist truely showed me the ropes.  He taught me the functionality of the camera, how to set up the live truck in a time pinch, and most importantly, that “spraying” the event to save time is a short cut to half-handed news.  Roach was all about the VOSOT.

Kyle Carmean and John Taylor at the Fox29 newsdesk were always willing to discuss why this story warrants coverage and that story does not.  Their insight provided a backbond of knowledge in terms of what often works for television and what is difficult to cover for a myriad of reasons.

Jackie Seltzer and Manny Smith were my LNS generals.  I supplied the coffee and Jackie supplied the advice.  I learned so much from Jackie and Manny as I watched them tackle the role of the LNS guinea pigs.  They have both done a tremendous job with LNS, and as time moves forward, I have no doubt they will continue their contributions to the new venture’s overall success.

Of course, I have to thank Michelle Buckman for the opportunity to assist with her packages.  Not only was it a welcome break from the crazy world of the assignment desk, but also a hands on learning experience that will benefit me as I move forward.

There are too many people to thank all by name.  I went out in the field with a handful of photographers.  All of them were gracious, and willing to talk.  I asked a lot of questions, and tried to get as much out of this experience as I possibly could.  I believe I have achieved this goal.

Kyle has offered to assist with my job search by giving my name to a station manager in Maryland who know has a copy of my resume.  Others from Fox29 have offered to help and a few have agreed to be references.

In many ways, this internship was the most valuable experience from the entire two years I spent in the MJ program.  I would recommend it to any student undergraduate or graduate level.


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