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Shadowing the Producer

I had an opportunity to shadow Fox29’s noon show producer this morning.  Mace is a Northwestern journalism graduate who has an edgy side.  I could tell he takes a geniune interest in the show he produces.  At the very least I believe he has a good eye for what is news and what isn’t.  He has 30 minutes of news — more like 20 after commercials — so he has to be choosy about what makes it to air.

Mace also gave me a chance to write some VO for the show that day.  I worked on a few small — 20 seconds — stories.  One involving some Darwin billboards going up to celebrate his birthday, another about weather in Michigan, and a brief piece about a large brush fire in Florida.

Okay… so, not ground breaking news events, but it was nice to get the opportunity to write something that would be read on the air.

Today’s experience provided fairly good insight of what Mace has to deal with on a daily basis.  It’s clear it can be frustrating at times, but unclear whether he gets any enjoyment out of completeing a successful show.  He definitely takes pride and demands good work, but in the hustle and bustle of everything going on leading right up to the moment of “roll camera,” I’m not sure if there was time to take stock and pat oneself on the back.


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