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More LNS… the VOSOT King

LNS continues to look for its niche in Philadelphia.  Being the first city to take on this venture, there is a lot riding on its success.  A model that functions well would likely be the mold that is taken to other markets around the country.

It’s clear from my experiences both at the LNS news desk and out with LNS photographers that a differing of opinions on how stories for LNS should be covered.   The concept of sharing the footage means both NBC10 and Fox29 have access to the raw video.  There are those at the Fox29 side of LNS who believe photogs should simply “spray” the scene, be it breaking news or previously scheduled press conference.  Others believe this half-handed approach weakens the overall product, and encourage photogs to work in some respects as the reporter as well as the cameraman by asking questions and getting sound along with the video.


These SOT (sound on tape) portions, in my opinion, are critical in order to quieting critics who believe the LNS model is nothing more than short-handed, effortless coverage.  In the dwindling news rooms around the county staff are being asked to do more than they used to be, and this is only one mor part of that consolidation.  Photographers have to try — when applicable — to hold the mic and the camera.


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