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Learning The Real Deal with Michelle Buckman

Pitched a little effort in today with Fox29’s consumer reporter Michelle Buckman. Michelle put together a package dealing with refinancing and/or modification of home mortgages. It was a good package. It aired on the Tuesday 5pm “5 Spot.”
The package was a useful information piece warning homeowners of potential scams and where they could get help.  My role came into play when Michelle asked me update her blog with the information on useful tips, warnings, etc. she had accumulated through research and interviews.  I was able to successfully update the blog with appropriate links and bullet points just in time for her to say (live on the air), “go to my blog…”

I aslo assisted Michelle on a couple more stories during my last few days at Fox29.  We worked on a story about dropping prices of building materials, and the market being ripe for home renovations, if one could afford it.

Michelle also allowed me to pitch in with a story about woman selling their hair for profit online.  I know… kind of creepy.  Finally, I worked with her on a story about locksmith scams here in the Philadelphia region.  I actually did an interview over the phone for Michelle, and sort of helped set up Michelle’s live interview for a couple weeks out.

Mostly my role was logging tape of video to be used in her pieces.  It’s not exactly exhilarating work, but it’s a critical task to the process, and I was more than happy to assist.  I learned quite a bit about how her stories are packaged, what works, and what doesn’t.  Even the editor, Shane (last name forgotten — he won’t read this anyway) let me sit in while he edited a couple of the packages.


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