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A Couple Nights at the LNS Desk

2-5TwoPhonesIn an effort to mix things up a bit. I requested to stick around the desk this Friday and Saturday. I had been spending most of my weekend shifts out shooting VO/SOT with an LNS photog, and I wanted to make sure I was maintaining a sense of balance.

The LNS desk, not unlike the regular Fox29 newsdesk, is a practice in multi-tasking —
answering phones, ingesting video shot by both WCAU’s LNS crew and our own, updating information in the news queue as it becomes available, coordinating photog logistics, and trying to pick up breaking news on those ridiculously difficult to comprehend emergency scanners.

As always, questions arose throughout the night about what LNS should and should not be covering.  The Fox29 newsdesk, only one floor above, called a couple of times wondering if we were heading out to the scene of a fire or a shooting in North Philadelphia.

Other concerns arise when it comes to the organization of everything coming into the LNS newsroom.  LNS has essentially become a second news division, and as information comes in — particuarly video — it must all be organized not only for the LNS crew, but also for the Fox29 crew upstairs.  LNS at Fox29 is using the exact same database used by the newsroom for Fox29’s editors and producers.  If LNS does not continuously update the incoming information Fox29 will not know what’s going on in terms of what video or SOT is available.  At the same time LNS is responsible for making sure incoming video, whether it is something the photog brought in by hand or is feeding from a live truck in the field, gets into the hands of the newsroom at NBC10.  It’s a constant exchange with both stations, and organization is crucial.


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