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Scene Of The Crime

crime-scene-tape-police-lightsI was working with LNS tonight, and was given the opportunity to head out with veteran photographer George Roach.  We were shooting a few events that had been predetermined when we heard the police radio in our live truck squawk something about a shooting on Hunting Park Ave.

It sounded bad, so we checked in with the LNS desk.  They made a call to Philadelphia Police radio who confirmed a homicide in the parking lot of a KFC/Taco Bell.  George and I sped to the scene, where we found crime scene units marking 9mm shells in the parking lot.  Both NBC10 and Fox29 were about to go on the air, so George and I set up the live truck, hooked up the camera, tuned into both stations, and starting feeding images within minutes.

This was one of the first, if not the first, test of LNS feeding live for both NBC10 and Fox29.  It was difficult due to the limitation of communications between the photog and both stations.  George could only speak with the producer in the Fox29 control room.  He had no way to communicate with the NBC10 producer, which sort of fell to me on another phone speaking with our LNS desk editor who in turn was speaking with people at NBC10.

It was a bit hectic at first, but everything fell into place.  This is the news though, isn’t it supposed to work that way?!


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