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My First On Air Pkg Required A Flip Cam


In a driving snow and a mandate from Kyle Carmean — Fox29’s Assignement Manager — I followed up on a tip call regarding “unsavory” paintings of Barack Obama and Joe Biden at a coffee shop (The Last Drop) in Old City.

Armed with my personal Flip Cam I entered the small coffee shop to discover an array of almost comic book-like paintings of Obama and Biden teaming up as super heroes.  The two were dipicted fighting off Hitler, closing Guantanamo Bay, reversing the effects of global warming, and even saving Jesus from the cross.

Nobody in the coffee shop appeared to be offended.  I collected video of the paintings by local artist, Jayson Musson.  I interviewed the coffee shop employee — a friend of the artist  — who said no one had complained.  I also spoke with a couple of local college students who said they did not find the paintings offensive in any way.

Fox29 used a couple of images from the video I shot.  It’s hard to get steady shots with a Flip Cam, so they pulled a view of the paintings from my efforts to include in a 20 second VO for the noon show.   The show’s produceer was kind enough to allow me to write the VO for the show as well.


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