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Figuring Out A Model For LNS

I have been working with LNS two nights a week for the past few weeks, and it’s becoming apparent that a lot of confusion still exists between this new video sharing venture and its television station cohorts.

Producers at Fox29 are often overheard admitting complete lack of understanding when it comes to LNS’ role.  For example, a breaking news event will surface, and the 10pm producer will not have an available photographer to cover it.  Their first instinct appears to lead them to want LNS to cover it. The problem is that LNS is its own entity, and doesn’t necessarily jump to change plans just because a producer wants breaking video.  LNS has its own events to shoot, and must make its own decision when to bust one event in favor of another.  This has been an obvious frustration for many people on the Fox side of the newsdesk.

In many ways it seems LNS lacks a specific identity.  The need for a clear definition — one all producers and assignment editors can understand — seems critical to the elimination of existing complications and/or confusions.

I will focus a short column at the end of the semester based on what I think LNS’ bread and butter should be — community event specialist.


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