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My First Interview Required A Step Stool

Actually it was more like a ladder.
A week or two ago I had the opportunity to go out with one of the station’s photogs who was going to shoot video of a charity bowling event in New Jersey. The event was hosted by former Philadelphia Phillie Gary Maddox. Fox29 and NBC10 wanted some shots of the former Phillies and a few current players who were slated to be in attendance. This was to be my first actual experience of an LNS video shoot.
(Again, LNS is the joint venture between Fox and NBC where the two have agreed to periodically share video)
Half way to our destination, the photog’s phone rang and on the other end was the station’s sports producer. He said he wanted some sound bites from one if not two of the current players in attendance. This is where I came in. I took a few notes on what they were interested in hearing from the athletes, and picked up the Fox29 mic.
The photog was a tremendous help. He explained what he needed from me for his end, and we were off and running.
I interviewed relief pitcher Ryan Madson, as well as Eagles offensive tackle, Jon Runyon who just happened to show up prior to our leaving the event.
The video taken that night was a joy to watch. Both the athletes are much taller than me. Runyon is nearly 6’8″. I had to hold the mic about as high as my arm could reach.
Overall it was a good experience. I learned little things about where to hold the mic to get the best audio (no matter how high you have to reach to get it), and I learned how important it is to let the interviewee completely finish before you move on to the next question. These are basic principles, I know, but this experience hit home how crucial it is to keep these things in your mind while in the middle of the whole process.


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